The Construction Of Our Cabinetry

All of our bespoke kitchens are handmade in the UK, use solid red-wood carcases and tulip wood facias ensures stability and longevity throughout our kitchens. A use of MDF can be found on the panels inside our cabinet doors (pictured, left) and end panels. An industry standard, this allows us to be sure that the door or panel will not lose its shape over a given time. The only other place you are likely to find MDF from our kitchens can be found in the form of a backboard, this is located inside the back of our sink units (pictured, right) and is done to allow a plumber to easily plumb in the tap and sink enabling them to keep everything neat and tidy.

As shown in all the images above, our kitchens are fully assembled from the moment they have been constructed, through their painting and their delivery. There is absolutely no flat packing involved. 

We pride ourselves on being an affordable option to those who wish for solid, handmade bespoke cabinetry, without the sky-high fees that often come associated with such products.




Differing styles of the Shaker Kitchen 

Since Shaker Kitchen’s are often bespoke, there are many differing styles out there for you to choose from. A popular style, as shown above, includes a beading around the door and drawer facias. This beading provides your kitchen with a unique element to set it apart from the conventional Shaker style. Couple this with a variety of different colours and handles for you to choose from, along with magic corners, integrated waste bins and appliances. You can even add LED lighting for a contemporary twist. 

The unique options available for your hand-made, hand painted, Shaker Kitchen are truly limitless. 


History of The Shaker Kitchen 

Clean lines, timeless style and functionality may be some of the things you think of when you visualise a shaker kitchen. This style of craftmanship originates from a 17th century North American religious sect, called the Shakers. The Shakers were a sub group of the Quakers and were named after their animated, dynamic worshiping style.  

Like many eastern philosophies the Shakers rejected flamboyant design and embraced simplicity.  Quality and practicality were essential and they even believed that great craftmanship was an act of prayer in its self. Mortise and tenon joinery and dovetailing were a hallmark of the Shaker style and are replicated to this day. 

Although conservative in many ways the shakers were great innovators and loved creating and using new technologies to become more efficient. 

The shakers have inspired an abundance of designers throughout history and the name has become synonymous with quality.  





Without detaching from the original elegant simplicity, a shaker kitchen can be modernised, adjusted and allowed to evolve. By adding additions to the traditional wood one can elevate your cabinetry to fit in with any décor.  Using such materials as Chrome or Brass one can give a kitchen a far more progressive design aesthetic, modernising and dressing up a usually traditional style.  

Practicality has also been improved with the additions of magic corners, pull out racks and integrated appliances, making for a functional living space experience.  

Soft closing German runners give premium kitchens an edge with a simple yet elegant finishing touch intergraded side by side with the time honoured joinery.